10 Content Marketing Ideas That Will Finally Make Your Articles (and all your hard work) Pay


Good day. I’m David Krauter. Welcome to another no-frills education program. No cuts, no edits. It doesn’t matter if I make a mistake. It doesn’t matter what happens in the background. As you know, we work in a real office, so you may hear phone calls in the background, you may hear a team working away, bashing away on their keyboards. As always, I’m going to move fast, so you better take notes. Today, without further ado, I’m going to discuss 10 content marketing tips that will finally make your articles and all your hard work pay, so lets get into these.

Tip number one, very, very important.

You’ve Got To Make Your Content Support Your Business Objectives.

This is 101 business really, and you don’t want to waste your time writing content, editing content, and then posting it to your website if it’s not going to support the objectives of your business, so really, objectives of your business should be to make more profit. How do you do that? You need to attract more clients. How do you do that? You get in front of them on the internet. That’s what we specialize in (seo marketing), so don’t write your content about fluffy stuff that isn’t going to underline and support any of these objectives. Any piece of content you do generate, it should underline what your business objectives and really the values of your business. Before you produce a single piece of content, look at the values of your business. Does the piece of content reflect those values, and does it support the objectives? If not, you’re probably wasting your time. Very, very important point.

Point number two,

Quality Over Quantity

This is a big discussed topic in the SEO, well, because what they’re saying, most of these so-called SEO experts, what they say is that you need to just publish, publish, publish content. What’s happened over the years and a lot of time with our clients when we have new clients coming on board that have either outsourced their SEO overseas or they’ve narrowed in on a cheap supplier is that they’ll get content that, one, doesn’t make sense, two, it doesn’t do what I said in point number one, it doesn’t achieve any of their business objectives, and three, it doesn’t even make sense. It doesn’t even work on their side. It makes their brand look very, very non quality, very, very non-professional. See that the kind of English? We’re just going to keep rolling there.

That’s what’s kind of happened because people believe that the more content you have on your website, the more it’s going to rank. Fact is if you have 10 quality pieces of content that people are actually going to enjoy, that’s going to help people, it’s going to go a lot further, it’s going to be a lot more efficient, and it’s going to help you a lot more, one, with ranking, and reaching your target market than a hundred crappy articles. That’s really what it comes down to, so quality over quantity, and we’ll get into that a little bit more.

Number three,

PLAN. If You Fail To Plan, You Better Plan To Fail.

What I mean by that is if you have a piece of content, one, plan the piece of content out. Don’t just go start writing it. Write, okay, what does this piece of content … What are the objectives of this content? What do I want my target market to do? Do I want them simply to get exposed to the piece of content so I can hit them with retargeting and ads? We’ll talk about that in a minute. Do I want to educate my market and position myself as the expert? Do I want people reading this to take another action? Really plan out your content. If you just write fluff and there’s no real strategy behind your content, again, you’re probably better off not publishing anything at all.

Number four,

Have Your Own Point Of View

Oh, man. We see this so often where people, again, the reason is because SEO’s say you should be publishing content all the time, but then what goes out is nothing that’s unique anymore, nothing that has a person’s personality within the content. What my point is that you have to actually, one, you have to add your own personality in the content, but also, don’t just regurgitate what everyone else in the industry is saying. Do some tests, and then have your own view. Become an authority in your space (like us in Melbourne) that doesn’t always agree with the status quo and go against what some people say because usually, that’s where the money is, all right? Have your own point of view.

Number five,

Use Authoritative Sources And Data For Proof

Now, this is super important. When I went to uni all back all those years, there was not one piece of content that I was allowed to create that didn’t have authoritative sources backing up what I was going to say, what I said in my point of views, so it’s exactly the same with the internet. Google actually looks for this in your content. They’ll reward your content by having good authoritative sources backing up what you say, so publish data on your actual articles. Publish proof of what you’re saying is actually true, and use the authoritative sources that may have done studies on certain things to back up the points that you’re trying to make with your articles.

Number six,

Use Content To Get In Front Of Your Market, Then Paid Ads To Pull Ready Buyers Into Your Funnel

What I mean by that is make your content go a step further than just a mere article on your website. Again, it comes back to having a strategy and planning out your content, so what you need to do is you need to, one, write content and research your content that’s going to get in front of a wide audience of people that are interested in your product. Now, these people don’t necessarily have to be ready to buy, ready to buy prospects, but they should be interested in your products, your services, in what you do, and are in the position where they either now or further down the track will want to buy from you because what happens then is one, you give them your best content, your most awesome content on your website totally free.

Then, if they don’t buy right there and then, you target them with ads and just stay in front of them all the time to get them back because one, they’ve seen what you’re about, they’ve seen the authority that you have and the expertise that you’ve demonstrated in your article. When it’s time to buy, you’re going to be in front of them. You’re going to be the source and the person and the business that’s going to be in front of them all the time on these other paid avenues because you’ve then been able to capture them with the content, but then in technical terms, you’ve been able to cookie them and then follow them around the internet on Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube, on other paid platforms like that.

Number seven,

Make Your Content Different

What I mean by that is don’t just have a whole thing of words on your page. You can vary your content out, may have interviews, have infographics, have expert roundups. These are just three different ideas to get the creative juices flowing, but again, it’s about being … Seth Godin he published this book called the Purple Cow, and it’s about being not the same as all the other cattle in the field, so stand out, do something different with your content, and really start driving more traffic that way. Get noticed that way.

Content tip number eight, we’re nearly there, three to go.

Make Your Content Awesome

This really goes on the back of number seven. Let’s say you’re heading against another website. Their content is really good, it answers a lot of questions, it’s really good content. The way, if you want to go head to head with that company or with that website, the way you’re going to do it is just create better and more awesome content. Have more views, have more experts contributing to your content. If they don’t have video, have video tutorials. If they don’t have a guide, add a guide to your content. If they don’t have any authoritative sources, get some authoritative sources. Make your content the best piece of content for that topic, for that idea that you can possibly do to make it better than everyone else because then … I’ll go into this in the moment. It’s another strategy. Then, when you do outreach for that content, you push that content, people are going to be more likely to link back to that piece of content than if you weren’t the best obviously, which takes me straight to point number nine…

Push Your Content

Don’t just put your content on your website and let that be the last thing you do. You want to push your content to its limits. What you want to do, and you can only do this when you follow these nine steps because if you haven’t got the most incredible piece of content, if you haven’t got a unique view, if your content isn’t awesome, people aren’t going to be inclined to link back to your content. What we do once we have this awesome piece of content is we go and we take it on a road show. We push it to its limits. We get people to link back to it. We say, “Hey, we saw that you linked to this kind of article. Check out this resource here, which is better in these ways,” and get links back that way. It’s very important to make your content go the full distance that it’s supposed to go. Don’t just stop halfway through. Push it. Get it on the roadshow. Get it out in front of other influencers in your market, and get them to share it.

Point number 10,

Test, Refine, And Test More

Many times, we’ll post a piece of content, and it gets no traction at all, but you got to have your testing. You got to have your analytics. You’ve got to have all your metrics in place to understand if the article has brought in any leads, if the article has done what you’re wanting to do, if the article has achieved to get in front of an audience so you can re-target them in future. This only comes by testing. Yes, you may have a flop. Out of every five, if you test and refine, you’ll find that you’ll find a winner in there somewhere if you test, refine, and go again.

All right, and that’s it for another no-frills online marketing lesson. No fluff, short, sweet, and straight to the point as always. My name is David Krauter, and remember, you don’t just want any SEO. You need targeted SEO.