If you want to learn what SEO can do for your business (or how to finally make SEO work) then the first step is to apply for a FREE SEO Battle Plan.

We'll review on your business, package it all up in a quick video, where you'll learn:

  • Exactly how your competition is beating you (and simple ways to outsmart them)
  • What is and isn't working on your website PLUS the hidden opportunities to drive fast growth...
  • And of course... a easy-to-understand outline of what it will take to rank on Google and drive measurable impacting results.

YES! Local & national companies trust us, but more importantly...
the information you'll receive in your battle plan gets results!


When I started working with Websites That Sell I was only selling 1 box of supplements a month, now I have a warehouse and staff in running the business all in under 12 months. We first set up an SEO campaign of $4,000 and once the campaign was executed I started generating a return of $45,000 per month.

Lean For Life - ClientJaxon Calder - Lean For Life

The crew at Websites That Sell played an integral part in securing #1 Google rankings in multiple locations around Australia. As a result we've been able to grow our sales to a recurring 7+ Figures a year for our Bookkeeping firm. The level of work is highly professional and reporting is the best we've received in the industry.

Darcy Services - ClientRichard Darcy - Darcy Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

We've engaged Websites That Sell ongoing for our SEO needs. The first time we worked together they helped us dominate the first page of Google. We achieved 39 first page rankings (14 #1's, 6 #2's and 9 #2's) for our local security screens company. The beauty is that the work they deliver is of high quality and gets long term results!

East Coast Screens - Client

Cameron Tilbrook - East Coast Screens

Websites That Sell helped us increase our traffic to our website by 3,704%. But the real result was an increase in sales from zero to $3 Million in Less than 2 years. We just launched our business, but the experience & expertise brought to the table in driving traffic via ads and then supplementing this traffic with SEO was genius.

Crystal Pools - ClientAlan Thompson - Crystal Pools

We first engaged David for our local Skip Bins Company. After securing top spots across a variety of keywords on a big city level it was time to scale. We launched our second skip bins company operating on a national level. We are now in top spots across several cities and becoming the leader in our industry in city after city. Thanks to the team for the ongoing effort.

AOT Services Group - Client

Beau Schutz - AOT Services Group

We switched from another SEO provider to Websites That Sell. It was a breath of fresh air... we never received the level of reporting we do now from any previous provider. Wish we found Websites That Sells earlier. But the best part is the results. Websites That Sell have helped us secure & hold first page top positions across 6 major Australian cities for our national garage door company. 2 Years and counting..."

Steel-Line - ClientLyn Beaumont - Steel-Line Garage Doors

What You'll Get In Your Free Battle Plan

If you qualify, and I genuinely believe we can get you the results you deserve, I will spend at least 45 to 60 minutes going through your site, and putting your website through our comprehensive 27-point checklist.

First I look at the Opportunity:

How many people are searching for your product or service in your area.

How much money you can expect to make based on your customer value.

What Return on Investment (ROI) you can expect when on the first page of Google.

What you can expect in terms of calls, orders and conversions based on the increased traffic page one rankings give you.

Second, I look at what to Improve:

  • Why you are not ranking on Google and how this is costing you sales and money.
  • Simple fixes which increase your rankings.
  • How to convert more visitors into customers with just a few simple changes (I show you exactly what to change and why).

And third, I look at what your Competitors are doing and how to outrank them.

  • This is where we spy on your competitors and see exactly what they are doing.
  • What competitors are ranking on Google.
  • Why they are outranking you and what to do about it.
  • What links your competitors are using. How long ago they started promoting their sites.
  • What kind of traffic they are driving because of it.
  • And to finish up, I show you how we can easily build more and better versions of the links your competitors are using, so we effectively beat your competitor’s rankings.

Perfect For Busy People Who Need Answers Fast 

Although it takes us up to an hour to research and delve into your website, your Batlle Plan video rarely goes over 10 minutes. This way, you get the information to move forward without delay.

So who is the SEO Battle Plan for?
And... How do you qualify?

We would love to help every single business that comes to us. However with the amount of clients we already service and more finding us every day we couldn’t do so even if we wanted to.

Over the years we’ve realised there are certain types of clients unsuited to our services. And there are certain kinds of clients who are the perfect fit.

One of the main reasons we’re able to help our clients achieve the kind of results you read about on this page is because of our selection process.

That’s because we select the clients we work with very carefully. We’ve got a reasonable set of criteria that need to be met in order for us to work with someone.

Also, we have to be absolutely certain we can get a great return on investment for our clients. If we feel we can’t, then we simply decline to do the work.

Below are the kinds of business owners we work with:

1) You must have an active and healthy business already.

SEO is not a life raft and can’t save a sinking ship. Our services are best suited for the business that’s already up and running.

The kind of business which is looking for a solution to move and grow a lot faster and get ahead much quicker.

We do NOT work with:

Get Rich Quick Schemes

Network Marketing Companies

Adult Themed Material

Start-ups Without Funds

2) You’re already making sales.

What this means is that you’ve already got a system in place which currently generates sales. That’s because SEO works best when you have systems in place for generating leads and sales.

Relying solely on SEO to bring in new traffic and sales is foolish.

Our most successful clients are already running ads, promoting their business on different channels and have processes in place to convert this traffic into sales.

You don’t have to be a fortune 500 company… but you do need to be ready to convert traffic into sales and you can’t just be relying on SEO to be responsible for the entire life blood of your business.

3) You have a solid product or service and a good reputation.

This is very important to us.

The way we work with every client is to not only generate more traffic, sales and profits – but our secret system works in such a way it generates goodwill (good karma if you like) in your market.

Okay, that’s about it… those are our requirements.

If you’ve read the above and you know you meet the criteria, you know you can benefit from our services and you think we’ll be a good fit, then we’d be more than happy to set time aside to help you with you project.


And as if you needed more convincing...
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