We target SEO in a unique way to get your website in front of more ready-to-buy customers on page #1 of Google, Faster & with Less Effort! Results in 30 days, or we work for free!

Trusted by local & national brands...
to deliver results!
Over $1Billion


The highest ROI of all online marketing channels.

The first three organic results on Google get over 50% of clicks

Builds your brand equity by being on top and getting found


Not One, not Two, but Three Google Veterans strategising your campaign.


30 Years Combined Industry Experience

Geographic & Market Exclusivity

No Long-Term contracts

Transparency In Fulfilment & Reporting

Dedicated team that stays at the forefront of SEO

Google Certified

Here's How We Work With Clients!

Picture this...

We have your biggest competitor on the phone...

(They seem nice)

...Pleading with us to run their SEO strategy, like we are doing for you.

In a frustrated tone they confess, "We see the amazing work you're doing for our competitor (you) and they're dominating it online in our industry"

"Go on", I say.

"Well, they're absolutely crushing it all over the 1st page of Google..."

"... their website shows up in the ads, on the maps & in the organic area (3 flippin times on the first page!!!!) I even sent my staff to spy on them in their brisbane location... their website was generating calls & sales right before their eyes... The rest of us can hardly compete"

"Yeah, I'm not surprised. No one else does what we do", I spruik, then ask. "So why can't you do this yourself?"

"We don't have time to do this, and we know you're Brisbane's top recommended seo consultants - plus you offer to do 100% of the work, right?" they said.

"That's right", I replied.

"Great, and besides... We've tried EVERYTHING...

...We worked with a cheap overseas provider but quickly discovered it did more damage than good. You should have seen some of the articles they tried to post to our website... a 2nd grader could have done a better job...

...Then we hired a big agency here in Brisbane (claiming to be seo specialists), we were promised the world but never received a single report, let alone a phone call. It felt like we were just a number on their client list. We got ZERO communication and ZERO results. Complete waste of time and money"

"Very common story", I sympathised.

"Also, I've heard that since working with you guys, they doubled their business and aren't slowing down..."

... Plus, their sales conversion rate is through-the-roof, apparently it's because of the unique targeted way that your SEO services drive ready-to-buy prospects to their website...

... It's INSANE and we need your help FAST. Can you help us?"

"I'm sorry, but we can't help you", I said.


"But why? We're happy to pay you more", they said.

"It doesn't matter. You see, we're very loyal to our brisbane seo clients and we signed an 'Exclusivity Agreement' where we don't work with their competition in a certain radius in Brisbane. So as much as we like helping people with their Search Engine Optimization campaign, the answer is no for those reasons"


Okay, I'll stop there...


Believe it or not... Scenarios like this WILL happen, when we start working on your Brisbane SEO campaign together.

See – I'm not sure if you picked this up... But there's a magic element to the success of what we do.

And don't worry...

Once we start making YOUR BRAND the #1 Trusted Authority ONLINE in your industry...

... You'll realise what this ONE magic element is.

Want to guess?

Come on...

Have a try?

Okay, I'll give you a clue.

Surprisingly, it's NOT only because...

  • We do ALL the work for you (without you lifting a finger)
  • We track and measure & report EVERYTHING we do - 3 levels deep.
  • You'll have a simple dashboard to clearly see how your rankings for your target keywords across Brisbane are improving, how much extra traffic your receiving and the conversions your site is generating.
  • We constantly learn and improve our search engine optimization strategies from the 'REAL-TIME' data we pull from our system
  • We have real people (old fashion right?) on the end of the line - ready to answer your SEO questions. Hard to believe right?

YES – All those are AMAZINGLY valuable...

And pretty much NO ONE in Brisbane is doing it like us.


...Have you realised the INVISIBLE benefit of us working together this way?

Okay, enough teasing...

The answer is...



- We target return on investment, not brand building
- We target "ready to buy" traffic, not fluff keywords
- We target your SEO campaign for success, not apply a shotgun approach


Spin Your Website Into A Super-Charged
Customer Magnet On Google!

Think about it...

Would you want to waste your SEO budget on anything other than driving prospects who are ready to call you, make an enquiry or better yet... buy now?

I didn't think so...

And it's not easy to target your SEO this way, it takes a lot of research and strategy.

We go 4 levels deep:

  • Target Marketing: study your target market and work out the exact keywords they will use to find the solution to their problems. (and then only get your website in front of these people)
  • Reverse Engineering: we reverse engineer exactly what's working now - how are your competitors ranking for these keywords and rather than applying a "brute force" approach we replicate exactly what Google wants to see without shooting in the dark
  • Do It Better: then we launch the attack. We do everything better and more effective than your competitors to catapult your website above theirs.
  • Final Touch (the money factor): We optimise your site for conversions. We optimise the words your prospects see to tap into the conversation that's already going on in their head and provide the exact answers to the solutions they are seeking.

It's a Slam-Dunk-System!

See, when we work together...

Cold enquiries will be a thing of the past.

Warm enquiries will be more common.

RED-HOT enquiries will be the norm!

We bridge the gap between unknown to trusted (and make you the only obvious choice).

We manufacture AUTHORITY & TRUST in your website so prospects WANT to do business with you.

Best part?

You don't even need to lift a finger. Our service runs on AUTOPILOT behind-the-scenes.

While our neat little SEO engine is pumping your business to the BRIM with new, ready-to-buy prospects...

...You can do what you do BEST... FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS.

While we do what we do best.


We are the top reviewed Brisbane SEO Agency

When I started working with Websites That Sell I was only selling 1 box of supplements a month, now I have a warehouse and staff in running the business all in under 12 months. We first set up an SEO campaign of $4,000 and once the campaign was executed I started generating a return of $45,000 per month.
Jaxon Calder – lean for life
The crew at Websites That Sell played an integral part in securing #1 Google rankings in multiple locations around Australia. As a result we've been able to grow our sales to a recurring 7+ Figures a year for our Bookkeeping firm. The level of work is highly professional and reporting is the best we've received in the industry.
Richard Darcy – Darcy Bookkeeping & Accounting Services
We've engaged Websites That Sell ongoing for our SEO needs. The first time we worked together they helped us dominate the first page of Google. We achieved 39 first page rankings (14 #1's, 6 #2's and 9 #2's) for our local security screens company. The beauty is that the work they deliver is of high quality and gets long term results!
Cameron Tilbrook – East Coast Screens
Websites That Sell helped us increase our traffic to our website by 3,704%. But the real result was an increase in sales from zero to $3 Million in Less than 2 years. We just launched our business, but the experience & expertise brought to the table in driving traffic via ads and then supplementing this traffic with SEO was genius.
Alan Thompson – Crystal Pools
We first engaged David for our local Skip Bins Company. After securing top spots across a variety of keywords on a big city level it was time to scale. We launched our second skip bins company operating on a national level. We are now in top spots across several cities and becoming the leader in our industry in city after city. Thanks to the team for the ongoing effort.
Beau Schutz – AOT Services Group
We switched from another SEO provider to Websites That Sell. It was a breath of fresh air... we never received the level of reporting we do now from any previous provider. Wish we found Websites That Sells earlier. But the best part is the results. Websites That Sell have helped us secure & hold first page top positions across 6 major Australian cities for our national garage door company. 2 Years and counting...
Lyn Beaumont – Steel-Line Garage Doors

There's 2 reasons why we're able to produce these Above-Industry-Norm results.

1) Our unique "targeted" approach to SEO Brisbane is unlike anything the rest of the industry delivers.

2) We select the clients we work with very carefully.

We've got a reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to work with someone.

On top we will only work with a client if we are absolutely sure we can get a great return on investment for them.

Still with me?



Well then... So we don't waste each others time, let me run through the kind of client we will work with.

1) You must have an active and healthy business already.

SEO is not a life raft! Our services are best suited for the business that's already up and running. The kind of business looking for a solution to move and grow a lot faster and get ahead much quicker. We do not work with:

- Get Rich Quick Schemes.
- Adult Themed Material.
- Start ups without funds.

2) You're already making sales. What this means is you must already have a system in place which currently generates sales.

You don't have to be a fortune 500 company... but you do need to be ready to convert traffic into sales and you can't just rely on SEO to drive the entire life blood of your business.

3) You have a solid product or service and a good reputation.

The way we work with every client is to not only generate more organic traffic, sales and profits – but our targeted system works in such a way it will generate goodwill (good karma if you like) in your market.

And that's about it... those are our requirements.

If you've read the above and you know you meet the criteria, you know you can benefit from our services and you think we'll be a good fit, then we'd be more than happy to set time aside to help you with you project.

Here's Your Next Step:

Click the button below and get in touch with us.


Our head of SEO Brisbane, David Krauter will painstakingly review your website, your competitors and your opportunity.

Based on this research we will then deliver for you a custom SEO strategy to not only get first page rankings, but generate more organic traffic, lead flow and increased revenue. It's all based on the exact same proven Targeted SEO strategy, delivered by our search engine optimisation specialists, our customers rave about.

Please note: getting in touch does not get you a guaranteed battle plan. As previously outlined, we only work with specific local Brisbane companies that meet our criteria. If we feel your business is not a good fit for us, or we don't think we can generate incredible results based on your answers, one of our team members will be in touch to suggest the best ways for you to move forward.

So if you understand all of the above and you're still reading this then it's time to take action... Now is the time to click the enquiry button below, get in touch and let us see if we can make you our next SEO Brisbane success story.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Websites That Sell
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We Are The Top Reviewed Brisbane SEO Agency

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