7 Ways To Understand “Why, How & If” SEO Is Profitable

If you’re reading this article… more than likely you already understand how important SEO is for your websites… but not everyone knows just how much Targeted SEO can contribute to their net profit. And the reason for this is because SEO can be a little bit tricky (if you’re not a marketer or understand how data actually drives your business) to measure in terms of the gains a site owner attributes to SEO. Here are a few strategies you can use to measure the net gains SEO provides.

1) Traffic Increases

It’s pretty easy to see an increase in site traffic. If there is no traffic to a site, there’s no way to sell products or services. Increased traffic is certainly a good sign, but increasing traffic doesn’t always lead to sales. That’s because the site visitors must take some type of action to buy before they generate any income for the site.

On the flip side of that coin, it’s impossible to sell anything if no one can find your website. So, simply seeing the site visitor numbers going up is a sign the site is being seen by more people. That’s one of the benefits SEO services provide. Why is that important?

Industry statistics indicate over 90 percent of organic returns are simply because a site was listed on the first page of search engine returns. And, the majority of that traffic will go to the first three sites listed in the returns. If your site is seeing more traffic, it’s generally because you’re now ranked toward the top of the returns.

2) The Right Consumers (Targeted SEO) are Finding the Site

This is where things start to get more interesting. Again, more traffic doesn’t guarantee more sales. To garner additional sales, the right demographic group has to find the site. When SEO experts design a website, they’ll always work closely with the client to determine who the target audience is before beginning the design process.

Real buyers are ready to buy now, or at least in the near future. Those are the people your site needs to attract. Of course, the goal is to create a long-term relationship with buyers so they’ll return to the site in the future to make additional purchases.

You also need to attract buyers that already understand the value of your product and won’t take an unreasonably long time to make a buying decision. Those customers are the ones every site wants to appeal to, so it makes sense to design a site that’s attractive to them.

3) Pay Close Attention to User Experience Statistics

SEO experts work hard to ensure every site visitor’s experience is pleasant. That means your site needs to be user friendly. From the landing page to placing an order, every aspect of the site needs to intuitive to use, easy to read, and attractive.

People who find a site easy to use are more likely to tell friends about the site and revisit the site later. Conversely, if a site is awkward to navigate or lacks substance, visitors will leave and not return. They’ll also tell their friends about that negative experience.

When site owners work with SEO professionals, design elements will make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for and supply the information those visitors need when they’re deciding where to buy a product or service.

4) Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate

Visitors must remain on a website if they’re going to become paying customers. If a visitor simply clicks on the site and leaves without spending any time reviewing the site’s contents, their business is lost to a competitor.

Of course, it may be the visitor found what they were looking for and left, but that’s hard to prove if you’re not using SEO experts to evaluate all the available data. The experts use specific strategies to determine how successful a site is at delivering a message.

5) Boosting Conversion Rates Is Vitally Important

Yes, the number of visitors a site has is certainly an important statistic, but how many of those visitors actually made a purchase? If site visitors don’t buy, the site isn’t doing its job effectively.

The SEO professionals know designing an effective site is more than the nuts and bolts of construction—it’s also a bit of an art. The best websites incorporate a number of components carefully crafted to push a customer toward a sale but doing it in a way that’s not intrusive.

6) Keeping Those Customers Coming Back is a Must

While customers tend to be somewhat fickle, there are techniques that reduce the number of customers that don’t come back to the site. Loyal customers can make or break a website, and SEO professionals are well aware that the site’s design and content minimise the loss of customers after an initial purchase.

Of course, some consumers won’t return regardless of the steps a site owner or SEO expert takes to retain them. However, if even a small percentage of customers are retained, it’s worth the effort invested.

7) How Much Do Targeted SEO Services Cost?

Costs will be different for every website owner, as their needs will vary. While a local campaign may cost a site owner roughly $1500 per month, national and international campaigns can cost several thousand dollars per month.

For full details on pricing, please view our SEO pricing page.

The best way to determine just how much it will cost to meet your business’s needs is to contact apply for a FREE SEO battle plan. In this plan our team will review your business, package it all up in a quick video, where you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how your competition is beating you (and simple ways to outsmart them)
  • What is and isn’t working on your website PLUS the hidden opportunities to drive fast growth…
  • And of course… a easy-to-understand outline of what it will take to rank on Google and drive measurable impacting results.

Most companies don’t provide a comprehensive and effective strategy. That’s especially true of companies offering exceptionally low prices. No company can deliver quality services without realising a profit themselves. For site owners, that typically means a site will languish with no real gains realised. At the same time, competitors will be cornering the market and reaping the financial rewards.

If you’re truly interested in producing results and seeing your company grow, it’s important to take time now to discuss your vision with an SEO services company that’s dedicated to seeing clients succeed. Rather than taking chances, now is the time to work with SEO professionals who understand the market and have the skills necessary to grow your business.

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